Help me in solving PYCALC04 problem

My issue

it is returning that you forgot to update the values to be returned by user_choice

My code

def calculatorDisplay():
    display = """Welcome to Calculator
Choose one operation:
1. Add
2. Subtract
3. Exit

def calculatorFunction(user_choice):
    if user_choice == 1:
        print("Let's perform addition")
        a, b = user_input()
        output = addition(a, b)
        return f"The sum is: {output}"
    elif user_choice == 2:
        print("Let's perform subtraction")
        a, b = user_input()
        output = subtraction(a, b)
        return f"The difference is: {output}"
        return("Exit the program")

# Update the user_input(), addition() and subtraction() functions
def user_input():
    print("Give two numbers on two lines")
    a = int(input("Number 1 is: "))
    b = int(input("Number 2 is: "))
    return a,b

def addition(a, b):
    return (a+b)

def subtraction(a, b):
    return (a-b)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    user_choice = int(input("Select the operation: "))
    value = calculatorFunction(user_choice)

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