Help me in solving PYSTRMCQ3 problem

My issue

can anyone explain this question in detail ?

Learning course: Strings using Python
Problem Link: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

The option a,c,d are correct .
The logic is first Alice will serve . if the server wins the ponit it will increase its score and when the receiver wins the point the receiver becomes server and server becomes receiver.

sir, thanks for replying. but i don’t understand it yet. once see in my view, ABB is the first option right. the first server was alice(A). In ABB, A is first, that means alice had got the first point and alice was, Alice=1. next B in ABB, means Bob got second point so that bob will become the server. points:- Alice=1, Bob=0. next B in ABB, so bob is server and got point. so scores , Alice =1, bob=1. but this won’t work for AABB. PLEASE see into it sir. let me know, am i thinking right or not. if not guide me

Yes this won’t work for AABB because they end up having scores like Alice =2 and B =1 so they are not equal as it asked to pick up the cases for which they end up having equal scores.
for ABB final scores will be 1 and 1 as u have explained .
For BAB they end up having 0 and 0 which is also equal score.
For BBAA they end up having 1 and 1 which is also equal score.
Thus option A,C,D are correct and B option which is AABB is not correct .

Thanks for explaining . i have been stuck in this simple logic and you cleared it.