Help me in solving PYTH06 problem

My issue

sum of 7 and 19

Learning course: Learn Python
Problem Link: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

Hi @vimalagvskr .
Question: print sum of 7+19

  1. print=7+19. It shows error because the correct syntax of print is print() not this print=(). So, 1st option is wrong.
    2.print(7+19). Yeah, it’s right because it prints the sum of 7 and 19 as 26. So, 2nd option is Correct.
    3.print(“7+19). It shows the output as “7+19”. Because the double quotes” in print represents string. so it doesn’t print sum of 7 and 19. So, 3rd option is wrong,
    4.print (7+19). It prints the sum of 7 and 19. slight difference is space after print. So,4th option is Correct.

let’s check all the 4 options which are given in the question, compile them in an python compiler or idle, I hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Thank you. :smile: