Help me in solving SEATNUMBER problem

My issue

My code

# cook your dish here
for i in range(t):
    if N>=1 and N<=10:
        print("Lower Double")
    elif N>11 and N<=15:
        print("Lower Single")
    elif N>=16 and N<=25:
        print("Upper Double")
        print("Upper Single")

Problem Link: SEATNUMBER Problem - CodeChef

Your code is right but it will fail when the test case would be 11 since according to you N>11 (Which mean N should be greater than 11 , but if the N=11 it won’t return any output )
Correction →
elif (N>=11 && N<=15)
printf(“Lower Single”);

When N=11 in the @pawanraj_put 's code the output is gonna be Upper Single because else condition is used

Ohh yes. It would return the upper single

But what I mean by “No output” is that it wouldn’t give the correct output which @pawanraj_put require.

Thanks :raised_hands: