Help! me out, I get stuck while understandinig even easier Problem Statement of codechef

Help! I can’t understand any problem statement here on codechef. Even it is the first problem of a long or a short challenge. I don’t know why, I have practiced a lot on hackerrank though. But still Problem statements of codechef are much difficult to understand. When I look to their editorial they seems easy. Can anyone help me out please?

Any specific problem Link ?

No, there is no specific problem as such. Because I couldn’t solve problems on codechef :frowning: But in case if you want an example problem here it is Testing Robot

This is a cakewalk problem from March Lunchtime. All you have to figure out here is the use of a set.

If you are facing problems in understanding these problems, I would recommend you to solve basic problems from any other coding site.

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