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Read how to "merge K sorted arrays GFG "-


typedef pair<int, pair<int, int> > ppi;
// This function takes an array of arrays as an
// argument and all arrays are assumed to be
// sorted. It merges them together and prints
// the final sorted output.
vector<int> mergeKArrays(vector<vector<int> > arr)
    vector<int> output;
    // Create a min heap with k heap nodes. Every
    // heap node has first element of an array
    priority_queue<ppi, vector<ppi>, greater<ppi> > pq;
    for (int i = 0; i < arr.size(); i++)
        pq.push({ arr[i][0], { i, 0 } });
    // Now one by one get the minimum element
    // from min heap and replace it with next
    // element of its array
    while (pq.empty() == false) {
        ppi curr =;
        // i ==> Array Number
        // j ==> Index in the array number
        int i = curr.second.first;
        int j = curr.second.second;
        // The next element belongs to same array as
        // current.
        if (j + 1 < arr[i].size())
            pq.push({ arr[i][j + 1], { i, j + 1 } });
    return output;

Just read the concept of priority queue, Also the editorials have been published, it would be good for you to take a look at them. U will surely understand the solution