Help me to solve Turbo C++ problem

The only programming language I know is Turbo C++. I’m not much of an expert on Turbo C++ either. I’m currently studying in XII. I request someone to help me because Turbo C++ is not accepted on codechef.

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Start using GCC compiler… Avoid using Non-Standard Compiler like Turbo C++:slight_smile:

Turbo c++ is not a language. C++ is the language and turbo c++ is the compiler. Try a different compiler like dev-cpp as turbo c++ is extremely outdated. Neverthless, which ever compiler you use, use standard c/c++. Compilers add some of there own functions which will not be computed in any online platforms.

Just follow some simple tricks :

  1. Never use conio.h header as it is not part of the international standard.

  2. Don’t use getch() or clrscr() as they are in conio.h , also they are not required in online platforms. If you need getch(), use getchar() instead.

  3. Check out the FAQ for other queries.


Welcome to codechef, i’ll be your guide.

Step 1: Stop using turbo c++. Install devc++ or codeblocks(recommended).
ps: You’ll need turboc++ in your XII so keep using it but strictly for school.

Step 2: Look at the list of standard libraries on [][1] . These are the ONLY and the ONLY header files you can use. So make sure the programs you’re writing don’t contain header files other than these.

Step 3: Solve the easiest problems first. Sort the easy problems by successful submissions and solve each problem one by one.

I’ll create a small tutorial for you right here.

using namespace std;
int main()
    cout<<"Hello world"<<endl;
    return 0;

Points to note:

  1. No .h after iostream. It’s not needed anymore in the new c++ version. You’re a big boy now, congratulations.

  2. using namespace std; You just have to use this. read more about namespaces at (On second thoughts, namespaces aren’t the thing beginners should worry about)

  3. Note that return value of main is “int”. In turbo c++, you could have void main, but in standard c++, you must return an int. and the standard return value is 0.

I should write a blog post about this but here are a few more things to note.

  1. Strings. Strings are already built in c++ so you dont have to use array of characters anymore. Simply do this:

string str; //declaration cin>>str; //for input. //(Don't use gets()!!!)(delimiting char is ' '(space)) cout<<str; //for output. //(Don't use puts()!!!) str="tacoder has the " + "best answer"; //for initialisation and concatenation and . (no need for using strcat) string str2 = "tacoder has the best answer"; if(str == str2) //for comparision. tacoder.karma++;

Happy coding.


Turbo C++ is not a well standard,hence you should start works on GCC Compiler.

Forgot to add: Don’t use conio.h, DOS.h. basically any header file that isn’t in the link i provided. And you’ll be good to go.


Hey Thanks alot once again. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.

There’s an exam called ESYA by IIIT DELHI coming up and I have registered for the exam from School. Do you think I would be able to solve even one of those questions with the knowledge I have.I can have successfully made all the Turbo c++ programs of my academic year until now can solve even application level problems. But that is in Turbo C++. So do you think I have any chance at this exam? Please lend me your opinion.