Help me understand the question..The Ego Stone of InfInITy 2k18 ..i can not understand how one can derive that formula

When I checked the solutions I found that there was a formula to be derived for this question . But how one can derive this formula?


The formula falls out very naturally. Every row has some sum S, so the sum over the matrix is nS. However we also know that the sum over the matrix is 1+2+\ldots+n^2. So we have

\begin{aligned} nS &= 1+2+\ldots+n^2 \\ nS &= \frac{n^2 (n^2+1)}2 \end{aligned}

solve for S to get

S = \frac{n^2 (n^2+1)}{2n} = \frac{n (n^2+1)}{2}.
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Thank you…Learnt something new today.

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