Help need in a codeforces question

here is the link to my submission and the question is also there

you can see in the test details that its giving an WA
wrong answer Token parameter [name=YES/NO] equals to “15”, doesn’t correspond to pattern “[Yy][Ee][Ss]|[Nn][Oo]” (test case 1)

but my ans to the test case is correct as 5 and 20 are nearly good and only 15 is good(divisible by both 3 and 5)
so its prbly the way that i output the values that is causing this problem but the example output are identical to mine in terms of format so i cant understand whats the problem

Where did you covered the condition for “YES”? Your code gives output NO only. Just write the condition to be satisified to get YES as output. I hope you got the idea

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