[Help Neede] Apart from Pramp.com Where to give Real time Interview for free?

Hi Codechef Community,

I was just curious if I could simulate the real time interview using some online free resources / website.

Could someone please suggest on some of the site to practice the mock interviews one to one.


Pls someone suggest if they use any such resources.?

interview bit I think.

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Hi @csk111165. I am up for mock interviews. You can have my contact if you want and we can do mock interviews with each other. I also need some free resources where I can give mock interviews. If anyone else out there want to join me then also I am ready. We can create a whatsapp group or telegram and do the same on our own.

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@shubh17cs Thanks a lot for your help. Sure it would be great to create a whatsapp group where interested coders can have one o one coding challenge just like a real interview.

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hey, how’s your training going ?, I am just curious about it and want to know some aspects of training :stuck_out_tongue:

Still me 8th sem result pending , after that I will join.

oh I thought your training has started, btw all the best for training

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