Help Needed! How to form a Team for Google Hash Code 2021?

I, along with my Friends, want to participate in Google Hash Code 2021. Can ANYONE explain how it goes (We have participated in Code Jam and Kick Start, but not Hash Code), the registration process etc., which may help us in making the registration Perfect.
Tagging @ssjgz, @ssrivastava990 , but anyone who is familiar with Hash Code can help.

Hashcode is similar to other coding contests, the difference i know are:

  • You need a team (of at least 2 members and 4 max)
  • You need to submit a zip file containing the solutions (source code + output for the corresponding input (which is provided as “.txt” file in zip))

For registrations, you have to register yourself and then create a team in the judge system before the qualification round starts, and send the team request to your team mates (it was something like that in 2020).
Visit Office rules for a clear instructions and FAQs

Also you can either code from your home or can go to some Hubs and meet other participants (but this time, the hubs are all virtual).

Thank you @h4wk, for your help. I wish someone had explained about the Problem set. I heard that there is only one problem and that too, NP-Complete. @ssjgz, can you please elaborate about the problem set.