[Help Needed] I am Thinking Of Quitting CP

Its been a long while that I am taking part in CP but I am in a situation where I can solve 1 to 2 problems easily but not able to do more than that.I am finding it difficult to pace with the CP.
The main struggle I am finding is the lack of knowledge of Advanced Algorithm as I have not list to properly guide me through learning advanced algorithm required for solving Hard Problems in Codechef and Codeforces.
I feel myself pitty , not able to do that.Even if I find some advanced algorithm I am unable to understand it properly and I have no any friends to discuss the problem who can help me.
I want to take this discussion forum as Helping Hand.Any suggestion and guideline will definitely help me…Thanks

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well, I would recommend you doing one extra problem after every contest ends. it will definitely increase your knowledge.


Of-course, you can find mates online for online discussion. Regarding Advanced Algorithm i think sites like a2ojledder will help a lot.

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I will not sympathize with you here as this stuff is very common among beginner coders, but I can provide you some tips, I think your derivative skills are not yet properly developed, you have to work on that, for that solve codeforces A, hackerank beginner questions, as much as you can do this until 2 months. Don’t participate in any contest until you became comfortable with questions, now while doing this stuff read articles about binary search, prefix sum just read question of them and read editorials. Follow this routine daily. By doing this you will never lose interest as easy questions keep your mind involved and reading editorial of questions you find uncomfortable make you push your limits. Hope this might help.


In short , the answer is Stop doing contests . Like @nvdrag_123 said , Yes , its true and many of the top coders like anudeep Nekkanti has told the same thing . Contests are useful to test yourself whether you can apply the new content that you’ve learnt .If you don’t invest time on learning new content then what’s the point of particiapting in the contest .Most of the cases you will only be able to solve 3-4 problems in long challenge if you don’t learn new concepts .Even i faced the same thing an year back . If you cannot understand the algorithms by reading blogs and websites , you can search on youtube . There are huge number of videos regarding algorithms and CP . I would suggest you to practice the problems from long challenges that are conducted during 2015 - 2018 . Now-a-days , long challenges are loosing its quality so beginners cannot completely rely on it .

You can use this amazing link of Codechef’s ccdsap track .It has all the necessary things that are required to become good at DSA .


@kritagya_yash Thanks a lot for suggesting.

@nvdrag_123 Thanks a lot for shedding the light on this topic , I realised now the missing link that was creating quitting CP in my mind.I will give my self opportunity to learn missing concepts and algorithm.It was quite motivating for me.Thanks for your valuable insigts.

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@harish_49 Thanks a lot for motivating and making realizing the path that I was missing.Surely I will go through all the steps and try to learn the missing links and important algorithm.Thanks for the link for DSA Path it is quite useful and also it contain a curated way to solve problems and learn the advanced algorithm sequentially