Help needed in C++

I know python. I am trying to learn C++ because it is faster and I am aiming for INOI. But unfortunately, I am unable to get the hang of it and sometimes my algorithm is perfect but my c++ implementation is wrong and I get WA. Any suggestions?

Learn and practice c++

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I am doing that but I am not able to get used to it and my brain is always working on the python functions like split which are not available in c++. Could you point out few resources which could help me


it takes time to switch
dont worry its normal
jst dont tough py again and think in c++

@kprogrammer I think I have enough experience with C++ and competitive programming to help you out.
The best thing is you don’t need to be an expert in C++ to clear INOI or most competitive programming events.
Learn C++ in a week covering these topics:
Variables, Functions, Control flow (if else, loops), basics of struct and class, a very little knowledge of templates for learning about C++ STL which contains very helpful day structures like vectors, priority queue, maps, sets, arrays and algorithms like searching, sorting, string manipulation algorithms, and may more.

Learn all this in order. From this website : . If you give this 2-3 hours a day, you are gonna be perfect.

Happy coding brother. If you need any other help, just reply to this answer.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Just a question, Is OOP relevant to competitive programming?

No not at all . Ds & algorithms are important

Thats why it is always good to start programming with C++ as ur starting language. A C++ programmer can easily cope up with Python just in two-three days, but a Python programmer cant do so.

I would suggest you get the book c++ how to program 10edition by Pearson if you wish to follow c++

This happens, Don’t worry i faced same while learning python after c and c++.
you won’t be able get over through python. If you are learning and want to learn quickly then i would suggest you to
solve simple problems using c++ which you know in python and dont see logic.
try coding in c++ some of your best programs or ones on which u have worked a lot .
this will really help u compare both ways.