Help needed in Hilbert's Hotel

Submission #79177038 - Codeforces I got wa in this and it gets accepted as soon as I put (n+(i+a[i]%n))%n here Submission #79242347 - Codeforces can anyone tell me why is that I mean n+(i+a[i])%n should always give the same value as (n+(i+a[i])%n)%n can anyone help me with this

No. Let’s say i +a[i] =x.
Then it expands to
(n+x%n)%n. So n is added first and then %n is done twice.

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but see x%n will always be smaller than n right and x%n will always be negative in the condition
so won’t n+x%n will always have a value between 0 to n

n+x%n is the same as (n+x)%n which might be negative.

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won’t abs(x%n) will always be less than n?

Yes but then you will get WA. Because -3 \equiv 2 \mod 5

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ok i got it thanks