Help needed in HORSES and CNOTE

hii i am new to CP so could you please help me with the following problems

here is my solution

here is my solution

if run it with the inputs given in the example then to output is correct in both cases but when i submit it it shows wrong answer
i have looked at the code 2-3 times but cant find the problems

if you find any problems please let me know

and also if there is a discord or some other place where the community is active please let me know

Consider the test input:

26 19 83 3
53 1
83 1
43 1

Stop smothering exceptions (i.e. remove all the try ... pass stuff) and this will give you a hint.

Further hint: consider the test input where there are 5000 horses and their skills are the numbers 1 to 5000 in order.

if i remove ‘try and except’ it gives me runtime error NZEC
when i first got the error i couldn’t resolve it as i didn’t know what it was so i googled it and someone told me to use try and except…

If you get a runtime error, the correct thing to do is fix it - hiding it just makes it into a less-specific WA!

so how do i find where the error is
i tried the input which you gave me in CNOTE and it gave me a NZEC but when i put other inputs it doesn’t show any error …

and excuse me if asking a really dumb question cause i m quite new to python…

You’ve got a 100% reproducible testcase - get debugging :slight_smile:

i meant if i run into such error in future how can know what input do i need to take to get the error
basically i wanted to know how did you come up with that input which gave me the error

Oh, I wrote an automated testcase generator for CNOTE (ages ago) and used that to compile a list of random testcases and their results.

nvm i got what the problem was…
and thanks a lot for helping…

btw is there any place other than this where the CP community is active ??

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Dunno - I only do Codechef, and then I only help out on these forums :man_shrugging:


thanks a lot :wave:

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