Help needed in simple question [Empires Name]

Que : “

My solution : “” [WA]
Other’s solution : “” [AC]


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Same here.WA

I learnt in this contest. Sometimes ‘Y’ is vowel. :innocent: :innocent: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ideally, Problem statement should have mentioned in problem if ‘Y’ is counted as vowel…
Anyway I too got 3 WA, after hit and trail got AC.

Almost no one solved it in first attempt apart from some geniuses.

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Definitely they should have mentioned it (y as a vowel). Such a cakewalk question is least solved out of all 6 !!!

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we are sorry about this problem … this is the first time we made a contest and this was made using one of the codeforces problem …but mistakely we forget to add the case about Y … we hope everyone understands :sweat_smile:


and i m thinking bhai 5 hi vowel padhaye the bachpan me , galat kyu hora hai :slightly_frowning_face:

We forgot to write vowel as “Y”, and you forgot to tag right person :sweat_smile: @kapil16garg

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You guys made problems? Lol, you literally copied every problem from GeeksforGeeks except the Goa problem, which maybe was copied from some other website.

how about collaborating with us next time we host a contest on our chapter and you being the problem setter ??

also fun fact is that none of the problems was copied from GFG :sweat_smile: your intuition to think about that proves that we did fine with the problem making part :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree you need to understand the statement to search in gfg, but can’t deny the fact that every problem was from gfg and was not at all hard to google.

well mate our focus was to make a beginner friendly contest …although it is a sheer coincidence to find such problem on gfg …but these problems doesn’t need any help to be done … although thank you for pointing this out… next time we will come back more stronger and with better problems . :blush:

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