[Help Needed] Resources on Amazon System Design Questions

Hi Coders,

I needed help in System design and design pattern question for my upcoming interview at Amazon, I have no clue about this.
As per their mail it is stated that it will be a separate round for this.

Could someone suggest some good resources on System Design and design patterns.


This site is pretty bad at moderating blogs.

Coming to the question, do leetcode. This site is for competitive sports programming.

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Thanks a lot for suggesting but in leetcode I couldnot see System Design questions.

go to algoexpert.io; there is a separate section for system design i suppose.

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Honestly it depends on what kind of Design is being asked. Usually with design patterns, it’ll be mostly LLD, but check with the HR on that. Preparation would depend a lot on that.

That being said, I have created a lot of preparation material that you can go through for your System Design preparation. You can have a look at it here: https://www.codekarle.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/c/codeKarle

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Thanks for sharing such a nice and well curated resource for the system design. Really appreciate the work…Looking forward for more such content in future videos.