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my approach- I tried to solve it by just printing the kth largest number ,but getting segmentation fault. How to solve it? Please tell.
my code- OuMOD6 - Online C++0x Compiler & Debugging Tool -

You got the question wrong.

N = 1, K = 100
This means that there are thousand weapons of type 1 and she can give each soldier 10 weapons of type 1, Thus ans = 10
For case
N = 2, K = 100
Here one answer can be to give first 50 soldier 20 weapons of type 1 and another 20 weapons each of type 2

As shown in example K can be greater than N thus, segmentation fault

Intended Solution
You can use binary search to check if she can give X weapons of the same type to all soldiers then to how many soldiers she can give to. If that answer is greater than $K$ then, look for the answer in the range X+1 to high
My code (Accepted)
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
#define ll long long int
using namespace std;

int main() {
    ll n,k;
    cin >> n >> k;
    vector<int> arr(n);
    for(auto &i:arr)cin >> i;
    ll lo = 1;
    ll ans = LLONG_MAX;
    ll hi = *max_element(arr.begin(),arr.end());
    while(lo <= hi){
        ll mi = (lo+hi)/2;
        ll cnt = 0;
        for(auto &i: arr)cnt+=(i/mi);
        if(cnt >= k){
            lo = mi+1;
            ans = mi;
        }else hi = mi - 1;
    if(ans == LLONG_MAX)ans = 0;
    cout << ans;
    return 0;
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Thankyou so much , it helped especially when you gave the intution behind it.