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Is the ongoing Project Code 1.0 contest rated ?

No. Only Long Challenges, Cook-Offs and Lunchtimes are rated
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External contests are also rated sometimes.

check this post

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I wouldn’t worry of the rating in your place, you shouldn’t keep it long time as you have cheated in May Long Challenge.

[EDIT] Oh, sorry, I was wrong and supposed you were a newbie in this of cheating but I see you have experience! In April Long Challenge you also found inspiration in others code! (@undisputed)

A new long challenge is coming and you are in DIV1 now…I hope to see you in leaderboard!


That blog is old, they’ve changed the rating system since then, and external contests can be rated now

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oh, nice. didn’t know
Thank you!


Damn! How did you find this? And how did this escape CodeChef plagiarism check?

Heyy , so… is this one rated?



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Our codes look matching because the basic idea was same. Of course you would name left count - “left count” only. Those are the basic conventions. And it was not like I just came up with the solution all of the sudden. I was struggling with it for days and I don’t care what opinion you have about me. I know I worked hard and honestly for it and that is what matters.

how does codechef do plag check