Help regarding competitive programming

I’m a second year computer science student. I studied C, C++ and Python in First year. But now when I am going for competitive programming, I struggle a lot while solving problems. I struggle even for easy problems. Now I’m confused how to go about it. How should I approach problems so that I can solve maximum of them. I’m doing competitive programming since 3 months and studied some basics of algorithms and data stuctures. Please help!!!

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Go for brute first. Then look for a pattern or any algorithm which can help you in reducing the complexity. Also read editorials after the contest ends. Look code of at least 5 top coders for every problem.
This will definitely improve your competitive coding.


For a beginner I will recommend CSES Problemset.In only 200 questions it covers almost all standard topics and classic problems. Also it has a free supporting handbook in pdf format that is available on site itself. I have currently solved around 100 problems from here and learnt many new things here. Highly recommended.


Thank you sir…I’ll definitely try it

Thankyou sir!!..I’ll surly solve those problems…