Help regrading ioi

I am preparing for ioi 2021 as I know java basics at a good level but don’t know data structures and algorithms. after reading some blogs and quora answer(that c++ is fast and have stl library which is easy for everyone ).so I have to jump on c++ from java after having a good base in java. Is it a right step or not .plzzz tell me

If you think you’re good at one of the languages, there is no need to jump away from it. And all these java vs c++ wars are actually not needed. The thing on which one should actually focus is the data structures and algorithms part, because it is the one which will actually help you out through the ICO :slight_smile:

have you zco ,inoi


I qualified for INOI from ZIO last year, I had not given ZCO because it was my first time and I didn’t know anything about CP. But this year, I am surely going to give both :slight_smile:

have you crack ioitc .can you prepare with me for ioi plzz

I have only reached till INOI. @below, there’s a lot of time in even the first stage right now, I think it will be conducted, but not sure taking the current situation into consideration :slight_smile:

I am preparing for the same, but fear that will it be conducted this year… coz’ this is my last year to appear

can you help me how to prepare for that

Hmm… Satin why didn’t you qualify for IOI after reaching INOI ?? Is INOI tough ?? Can we use Java + Scanner Class in ZCO, ZIO, INOI and IOI ?? What do you think ?? Should I jump to C++ or continue with java Buffer or Scanner ?? Please Reply … I Appreciate you Coding skills that you could reach INOI . By the way you are in which Standard and Board ??

Tough is relative.


There are already 100s of articles about the same. Do your bit of research too.

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