Help: Request for Assistance: Code Execution Error in Starters91 (div3) 2023-05-25

Dear CodeChef Support Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek your assistance
regarding an issue I have encountered while using CodeChef’s platform.
Despite writing what I believe to be a correct code solution, I am
receiving an unexpected outcome.

Yesterday during contest while I was solving problem 3 (starters div3)
Cheffodd CHEFODD Problem - CodeChef I got the correct
logic and I have written my code (Submission ID: 96894524
CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone) but it shown me that it
was failing on a test case but i dont feel i was wrong so now i submitted
another form of same logic (Submission ID: 96962010
CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone) now it is showing
successful attempt .

the thing is bot codes are exactly same atleast for my assumption but I
dont know why it is showing wrong for my first code if i am wrong provide
me some counter example .

Could you please check my both codes and verify them as it could have got a
lot of rating change for my account so please look into it and do the
needful changes as soon as possible.

thanking you,
harsha_1729 harsha_729 | CodeChef User Profile for harsha_729 | CodeChef