Help Required Dec18A

After seeing questions on this forum about dec long challenge. I decided to ask one more question about December long challenge.

I successfully solved CHFINTRO. But I failed to understand the sample test case can someone please explain to me - How 1501 represents Good boi?? As far as I know, 1501 represents One Thousand One. If I can recall correctly, this was taught to me in my high school. Please explain this to me. It’s crucial for me to know how 1501 represents Good Boi?? I don’t want to claim 0 pts for AC on a question which I cannot understand correctly.

One more question from CHFIDEAL problem.
What is Monty Hall Paradox ?? I don’t understand this paradox. After searching this paradox on the internet from 12 Nov. to 5 Dec every day for 22 days. I again failed to understand this. But because someone told me that " An ideal problem has no test data." So I decided to give up. And then I asked my friend @aryanc403 "What is Monty Hall Paradox ?? He took 24 hrs to explain me Monty Hall Paradox. But he failed in explaining me this again. So He gave me his soln for this problem. I copy pasted his code and submitted on the 78th minute of December Long Contest. Can someone please explain me Monty Hall Paradox ??

I don’t know that something known as comments on question page does exist on codechef. So I decided to ask it here. One day I learn about this feature as well and then I will use that feature.

Please explain these two questions to me else I will see -10000 pts change in my rating and I will become the lowest rated user codechef. And I won’t get a job in IT sector. I will have to burn my B.Tech degree (which I will earn after 2 years hopefully) and then I will do Rag Picking for my livelihood.

Please help me.

Btw did someone noticed that I got runtime -1 sec. So technically I submit 500 times and I can claim credits for creating a time machine.

Hi , so to me seems like a notorious coincidence. Though I have come across a similar technique in a programming article ( it was o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶u̶m̶ in Russian ) way back.


Since nobody answered me while other questions are actively answered, so I can assume that this forum answers newbies. Hence Proved QED, This forum is newbie friendly. (@admin cheers.)
I should create one more account and post this question here again :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe then someone will make an effort to answer me.

for CHFIDEAL question, the first number is the one you print randomly on your own rather than expecting it as an input.

For Monty Hall Paradox this may help you :slight_smile:

Watch from 4:52 to 8:27

Jumping from 3rd or 4th floor of a building has been found to be a great solution to a lot of problems of this category. The implementation is pretty difficult and is usually forbidden, But…if your degree is on the line then i see no other choice.
Some important things to be kept in mind:

  1. Solution works best on planets with gravity at-least 9.8ms2,

  2. Flat hard surface should be the drop point, (Other surfaces provide difficultly in later cleaning process)

  3. Should never be performed on planet Earth.

PS: Please open source your time machine before following above procedure :slight_smile:

Thanks, bro.

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Officially: you’re newbie :stuck_out_tongue:

CAn somebody help me? How to take input in challenge problem pliz? :smiley: :). Also, what does AC in Interactive problem mean? Is it WA!!!

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This is universal truth :stuck_out_tongue:

Somethings are not meant for open source. Especially considering potential misuses of the machine.
P.S. - Please open source your code so that I can travel to MARS.

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