Help required in Problem- BEACIRC (Beautiful Circles)

Can someone plz help why am i getting a WA in problem BEACIRC of Dementia Contest(Rated for div2).
My submission
I haved used the same concept that most of the other people have used who have got AC

  1. the circle in between should have centre as the mid point of the other two circles.
  2. radius of circle in between =c
    then, a*a+b*b=(2*c)*(2*c)
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The distance between the centers of the 2 circles should also be 2*c. Did you check that?

Yes i did that , then also WA :frowning:

@ssjgz Can you please help me out

Overflow, maybe? Try this: Simple Trick to Detect Integer Overflow (C/C++)

Adding the pragma is not giving RE, it is giving WA only

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Let me clear that I have already used #define int long long :sweat_smile:

Ah yes - I didn’t notice that amidst all the template soup :slight_smile:

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So sorry for the weird template :frowning:

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