Help required ORTHODOX- Python- julyCookOff

Can anyone review my python code?
Link to the prob:

This pic has the same code with comments included:

one observation is if the value of n is greater than 65,ans is NO
because every next element must add one bit to the or of the prefix,
so max 64+1(for 0) is the possible value of n;
you can brute force on this and it is sufficient

but if you do it for n as large as 10^5,you will surely get tle(which is not necessary)as you are doing o (n^2) method

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I think you can print value of each pairwise or and counter check with sample cases to check if any case is missing.I don’t code in python but when i printed the values of add in your program i got two 7s instead of 3 in first sample case.

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I’ve got all the sample cases right. In first sample case:
1 3 7
the add values in my code would be the combinations for:
[1] [1 2] [1 2 7] [2 ] [2 7] and [7] which are 1,3,7,2,7,7…

It prints 1,3,7,2 and then 7 and then NO.

Thanks for looking into it anyway.

Actually the program has nothing to interfere with bitwise OR operator right?
I python looks after it by itself.

I understood the TLE part though.
But I’m getting WA.

I’ve checked the editorial…Got it