Help required

I know I am not supposed to post this here. This is regarding March Challenge 2015. I have received a mail regarding cheating.

I don’t know how this MOSS system works but I think I have been wrongly penalized. I know I am not a top rated coder but this is indeed very disheartening, someone work hard for 10 days and then get penalized for doing nothing wrong.

I request admin to go through both the codes,he may find that this a absolute coincidence that both us used flag check.
I have contacted codechef but they said contact another user to know how she got my code.

I know that I didn’t cheat but still some other user has a submission like me that’s indeed a violation of Code of Conduct. I suggest you revise MOSS for easy questions like CNOTE. Still, it was fun solving March Long Challenge specially Sign Wave question . It took me 50 submissions to get 100 points. Thanks your valuable time and I am glad that you replied. I hope next time my luck favours me. :smiley:

Yeah same here,it took me 42 submissions for SIGNWAVE and this happens.It is very saddening.Please resolve this as soon as possible.
Please check the time of submissions.It was a hard effort I put in.If it was not hard I wouldn’t have asked for it.

@drathi5 and @getsuga Completely agree with you guys.

@admin Kindly take note of drathi5’s suggestion. It took a lot of effort and sleepless nights to complete the challenge. And what I finally received was a penalty of about 4000 ratings in my very first competition where I should’ve gained about 2k rating points. This is very very heartbreaking.

This is like you earned ₹ 2,000 as first salary as a result of your hardwork.Then somebody stole ₹200 from your house, and police is penalising you and the thief equally by further deducng ₹3800 from your account. :frowning:


As both the solver and copier are not the culprit at the same level, atleast do not reduce these many points( atleast for new users ).You can reduce some fixed points ( say 1000 points ) in these cases, which may be achievable in a month and


i.e. say -1000 points per disputed problem. This will be a fair punishment on the solver. However, all of copier’s submissions should be cancelled and their shoud be heavier fine on him.

Nowhere in the blog posts CodeChef Code Of Conduct or The Cheating Cases Saga I was able to find out that any other submissions should be affected.

I guess it won’t be difficult in most of the cases to know who is the GENUINE SOLVER?

I don’t know but as I would’ve earned 2k points in this contest, this reduction of ~4k means it will take 2-3 months to get back to same position . This is harsher than even a month’s ban. Questions can be solved anywhere online but participating in a fair competition was also a reason I was at CodeChef for.

At the very least create a method so that one can regain his/her lost points later by proving that he is able to do problems in future contests by himself.

Please resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Hey Dikshant, You would have received an email from us, in which we would have given you the link of our Code of Conduct and Blog Post on Cheating saga. Kindly go through them, and if you still feel you have been wrongly penalized, feel free to contact us on the numbers given in the email.

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