Help Required!!

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I mainly practice question on codechef(its my main account for competitive programming). I think now time has come to move on. I can easily solve 4 questions in Long Challenge. Can anyone here can help me how should I practice now and which type of questions should I preactice.

I have completed my 2nd year B.Tech and not doing any course just want to concentrate on competitive programming

Btwn thanks to all who can suggest me something and Happy Coding!!

Fisrt of all…
It seems that u r a better coder than me. :slight_smile:

But rules are universal.
Learn all the techniques and algorithm which are required to solve the 5th to 10th.
Me too learning them.

while(looking for answer)
if (you get something)
then please pass it on to me, i am in the same situation;
keep looking!!! :slight_smile:
return (thank you!!);


Try this link :
link text

and even this
link text

Sir,There are 10 questions in long challenges.You can try solving more.

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I think you can check other sites too like and hackerrank or topcoder as they also feature coding competitions for company recruitment,and thus have much more difficulty and things to be learned from them.

Thanks for replying and I am thinking to solve questions from here category wise. Would this be of any help?

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