Help to get inputs

I am getting NZEC runtime error when i run my code in code chef editor in first line of code.
line is following,
T = int(input())
but i don’t get error in my local cmd.
for full code visit

Hi, The recursion limit should be set while using DFS or recursion in general it will give RE.
Added this to your code and got AC:

Added this

import sys

AC Code

Also you have to output answer Modulo 1000000007

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Thank you so much.
I pass my sample test case but during submission got wrong answer…
Can you help me…??
code is here

Instead of doing Mod at end, do at every step because in between the multiplication result will overflow so we have to use modular arithmetic property:

a = b * c
a%MOD = (b%MOD * c%MOD)%MOD

So instead of doing this alone,
comb % 1000000007

we do this too,
(count * comb)%1000000007

to avoid overflow

thank you so much…
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