(Help) Tree to Array Conversion


How to represent the tree here in the form of an Array?

@everule1, can you help me with this question?


If it was a complete binary tree then you could represent in array. You can use matrix or 2D vector for representation

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Okay@sebastian what is time complexity of a skewed binary tree?


If tree of limited height and is binary tree, it can represented in array like in segment tree or heaps.
Arr[i] = value
Left child of left = 2*i+1
and right child as right = 2*i+2

So arr = [-1,9,8,11,-1,23,12,34,-1,10]

I think this is a valid answer. Sorry if I missed something.

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Are you talking about modified dfs order traversal? It’s somewhere in this blog.


Thanks, @ay2306, @everule1, and @sebastian for your efforts and kind help.
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I guess it should be O(n)

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You can apply tree flattening algorithm.

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