Help! What is wrong in this Python code from an easy exercise from Codeforces

The exercise is Problem

And my python code is:

`t = int(input("test cases: "))

for p in range(t):

	Friends = int(input("Friends: "))
	if Friends <= 6:
		if Friends%2 != 0:
			Friends= Friends+1

Thanks in advance!!!

When submitting solutions to Competitive coding platforms such as Codechef and others the program is written to work on input data from a file and not interactively, what this means is that there is no need to print prompts such as “test cases:” or “Friends:”.

The output i.e. whatever the program prints in this case should only be what is mentioned under the output heading in the given question.

You should try to run this code on the given example input and match it with the given example output.

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Thank you very much for your help!!! I am a beginner kid. Thanks for your help again!!!