Help with an Assignment problem with rigorous proof

Please see below assignment problem :-

I have idea of that this will be solved by divide and conquer but can’t figure out the exact way. Please suggest me some algorithm to do this. A proof is really welcome…

You can use counting sort

For all numbes from 1...k, binary search (in Y/N questions) for the number of occurences of the particular number. Just write that number that many times. This would be O(k \log n).


I also had such problem. I found some additional information about binary search at AustralianWritings and this helped me. Just check it and maybe this will help you too.

Not wanting to be a party spoiler but I don’t see any problem XD

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Sorry, it was really…silly :).

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This Q blew me up…*hides in a corner from this monstrous 20-question sorting algo"

really?? what is going through your mind…

Thank you. I got it later but not the name:)