Help with Fibonacci String

Can someone tell me what is wrong? I am just not getting it.
Problem is Fibonacci String. Created test cases and don’t find what could be the problem.

try this ->
ans is Dynamic.
sequence will be 2, 1, 3, 4 :slightly_smiling_face:


Strange thing is, that your sequence 2,1,3,4 is not recognised as dynamic by all the accepted solutions I tested.

The task description says that all possible permutations should be checked if I understand correctly, which would make your sequence 2,1,3,4 dyanmic, but like I said the solutions I have seen just go through list c and check if c[ii+2]==c[ii+1]+c[ii]

give me any accepted solution which you have tested, then only i can tell.

Don’t bother. I changed my solution according to your test case and it works. It passes:-)

Thank you.