Help with submission

So i attempted to do my first ever codechef submission.
This is my first submission and i have no clue what im doing wrong , my code works fine with the example input provided in problem page but it is marked wrong.
Problem :
my attempt: /

Your solution fails for
2 4
It’s gives impossible but it’s possible (1,0) kills (0,0) in up and (0,1) kills (0,2) in right so its possible .
Plus codechef judge requires u to print exact output u should print Possible (Lower case) not POSSIBLE .
U need scan all 2^L ways to hit the enemy .
Hope it helps :grinning:

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Aah thanks, makes sense. Also i misinterpreted the problem in the first place as well. I thought each laser could fire in all 3 directions and didn’t know that a laser could only fire in one of the 3 directions and at the same time my code doesn’t work for my misinterpreted problem as well since my solution was firing lasers up,down and left instead of up,left and right :sweat_smile: