Help with the IDE of CODE CHEF!

I wrote a piece of code for the july challenge in visual studio code,the code worked perfectly fine there…but the same code in the CODE CHEF IDE shows run time error “SIGCONT”
how am i supposed to rectify this?

if the status says “successfully executed”…does it mean the program is logically correct as well?..or should i check custom input?

Can you share screenshot of your error? (Not the code)

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You exceeded the IDE’s printing limit. Hence you are getting SIGCONT.

For Codechef IDE, it’s around 2^16 Characters.

You can try printing the output directly in a file locally .

But as you are using chrome os, I doubt if you can compile and execute locally. Mostly, you’d be using online compilers. If so, then check out geeksforgeeks IDE which has a higher limit. Also, you can install linux on Chromebook. You’d definitely find how to do so on the internet.


nope that just means it is compiled successfully.
That doesn’t mean it’s logically correct at all.