Help with weirdo

why i am getting WA in subtask2.

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Many people did wrong to check whether a string is of Alice or Bob , they just count vowels and conso and check if vowels are greater than equal to conso then it will be of Alice else Bob which is Wrong

Instead of this we have to count vowels and conso in each three consecutive character of string .

There’s a bunch of discussion about WEIRDO in this thread.

WEIRDO; FAILURE; pretty harsh shortnames this time around :slight_smile:


No need to take power it may overflow instead use log

yeah i have done it correctly. i think its something to do with log which i dont know how to do

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Yeah I know I saw your code again , try with log.

calculate root L of score and then raise power .
Taking root striked me and not log .
most are suggesting use of log but root works fine too.
from line 270

using log is giving nan

what do you mean?

Log 10 u have to use

yes but nan

Link to solution??

you should check if the value is zero before using log

checked it but no luck

i mean subtask 2 fails because the involved power goes till 1e5 . and the frequency in worst case will also be L*( length of string i.e 1e5 ) therefore 1e5*1e5 = 1e10 .
so by brute approach u calculate ( 1e10 ) ^ 1e5 . which is large and it eventually lands to 0 ( because it is in denominator .
to avoid this , i calculated root L of score ( root L because max power can be N or M which are both less than L ) i.e ( xa * (fb^m)/ xb * (fa ^ n ))^(1/L) . this will lie within bounds of long double .
later if this value is > 1 , i multiply it L times to regenerate ans . and at each point check if it exceeds 1e7 , simply break else not .
here is the link :
Actually its divided into two halves one for subtask 1 and other for subtask 2 , because my root approch gave AC for subtask 2 but TLE for subtask 1 ( LOL ) . so i just used my previous code .
starts from line 210 :slight_smile:

ok i will try thanks bro

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