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Hello, everyone.
I’m needing in help with (Wierd List) Problem. Mu solution is : But it gives me WA and I don’t know where my problem is. I’ve created some hand-written test-example for debugging for my solution and my program answered correctly. But when I have been submitting my solution, it gives me WA. Please, could anybody say, which test is not correctly answered.
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Read the 5th and 6th statement of the question clearly , they asked you to perform this process infinite times , after completing for n/a, n/b, & n/c , you have to repeat that process infinite times

Thanks for reply. I have an question. I will do all this infinity times and I shouldn’t stop this cycle?

Read the constraints carefully. 0<=i<=10^9 so you just need to find the elements till that index or maybe if you get a number like 0.01, then N will become 0 and any element after this will be 0 too.

Thanks for reply. So should I stop when N = 0?

No,you have to determine number generated after i(0<=i<=10^9)operations,the number may be anything.

Then I should create a 10^9 loop and determine numbers. Then use them?

actually bro here the values will repeat

yeah it will repeat repeat after at least 10 operation since it’s only 1 digit no

Then actually what should I do?

I should do infinitive loop while there’re not any period?

Then new (WA) code is here:

actually According to me it will repeat after 3 terms like in the given example
and then it will repeat 6 2 2 6 2 2

in this case it is after 3 term but it’s not always true

then whats the minimum

Define one operation as dividing by ‘A’, then by ‘B’ and then finally by ‘C’, observe that except the first number ‘N’, all other numbers are < 10, because you add only one digit, therefore we can say that the size of the list is atmost 1 (for N)+ 10*3(3 for A,B,C) = 31.

My AC solution:

If something is not clear in the solution, please let me know…

i cant understand how 31 plz explain again