Here’s an opportunity to make an impact with CodeChef

Dear CodeChef community members,

Ten years ago we dreamt of making Indian programmers the best in the globe. And we continue to pursue that dream.

If you believe that this is possible, then come join us in this ambitious endeavour and make an impact. The impact we are talking about here extends to every college and school programmer in India and globally.

We, at CodeChef, are looking to hire Community Coordinator who will be responsible to make programming more accessible to students and nurture them in their programming journey.

If you are passionate about the cause, are eager to learn and helping people grow is your second nature, then we are looking for you. Rest be assured if you have the desire to make a difference, then at CodeChef, you will have the leverage to make things happen.

If you resonate with what we’ve stated and are ready to write the saga of Computer Programming Education as it evolves to solve the biggest challenges the world faces, apply now.

More details regarding the role here:

P.S: To help us connect to the best folks, feel free to share this opportunity with them.

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