heterogeneous earliest finish time algorithm

plzzzzzz, i have need a c++ code in which class will be used . i am not able to implement this . it is urgent , i have to submit this till tomorrow evening. please , help me as soon as possible.

plzzzzzz, i have need to conquer the world. i am not able to do this. it is urgent , i have to conquer by tomorrow evening, pls help as soon as possible. Send some nukes, submarines, B2 bombers and love to mailbox@iwannadosomething_couldsomeonedoitformeplease_becauseiamlazy.com


@atul_agnihotri Online judges are plat forms to practice and improve your talent. It’s not meant for copy paste of code. Plus if you need the code by tomorrow evening, I am guessing it is for a class assignment, which you are supposed to do by yourself.

P.S. The problem you are asking for can be found in every c++ programming book. Read them thoroughly and implement it. You have more than enough time for that. If you are stuck, then post your code, and someone can point out your mistakes

@atul_agnihotri I am really sorry if I hurt your feelings. But I didn’t say anything illogical. You should not ask for codes from someone else and submit. I get you didn’t have time and all, but that’s not a valid excuse for a programmer.

Very nice reply.

@dragonemperor , i mention that i have no time and i requested for HEFT code because i had no time that days , so if you not able to solve this problem then don’t say copy paste of code and any illogical things…okkkk