hey, i am new here, from where i can start

plz help me
thank you so much

read this: Competitive Coding | Guide to Competitive Programming | CodeChef
learn here: Self Learning | CodeChef
find good problems here: https://c2-ladders.com
get comfortable with this: An awesome list for competitive programming! - Codeforces

go solve problems and ask more accurate questions next time. Also follow advice from pros:

-don’t burn yourself out
-practice in a challenging but fun way
-value learning essential topics over everything else (those essential to your rating)
-there are many ‘optional’ categories, like game theory. You can freely decide if you want to learn them or do other stuff
-solve random problems around and above your rating
-try to improve your skill rather than your rating and don’t get discouraged by short-term fluctuations. Skill changes take month to be seen in your rating-graph
-roadmaps don’t work because they are not personalized. But feel free to use them to build your own plan.
-Mix stuff up and make sure you don’t force yourself into doing stuff you hate
-don’t learn useless algorithms. Rather go solve random problems