HLD Problems

Can anyone give me a short/long list of problems to become proficient with heavy-light decomposition? I know this question may be a bit vague but I’m trying to learn it and other than to apply the tag filter on codechef I don’t see any other way (and the tag filter shows up a measly 5-6 problems as results; I know there must be more).
Any help is appreciated.

@zer0_h6cks You can refer this ultimate master piece regarding HLD . Thanks to Anudeep Nekkanti for this :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.

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here are some …

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Thanks a lot!

Sorry to bump up this post, but i have a question.
Like if you go to codeforces and filter the tags using “tree” + “divide and conquer” you get problems most of which are of centroid decomposition. Similarly if i want to do fft there is a tag directly for “fft” on cf.
What should i use as a filter for heavy light decomposition? (If its possible ofc :sweat_smile:)
Btw, both the above answers were very helpful for me. Thanks a lot!!
Now I’m able to code hld problems properly even though many times my constant factors come out big (which is why im looking to do even more problems to make better implementations of hld)