Hold right there Sparky!!

Recently I am seeing a lot of these messages “Hold right there Sparky!!”. It is showing every time I try to open codechef new page and it’s making me angry. Can u guys please fix this as soon as possible?


It happens when there is a lot of traffic on CodeChef, so they use this to filter out artificial users !
This is happening because I think a lot of people are scraping the ranklist of various contests to collect data (probably for a college project)!

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This was one of the worst aspects of my experience with the contest yesterday.

What is the point of it and how does it work? I noticed that I was getting this message for some kinds of pages (like summary of my submissions) and not for the others (like pages with problem statements). It totally ruins user experience, as part of the site is just getting not usable because of captcha getting harder and more time-consuming every single time. For these pages on which I was getting the message, I was getting it even if I didn’t do any CodeChef requests for last 1-2 minutes - so it wasn’t about having too much activity from my end.


CODECHEF should upgrade their server, or else we will face difficulty in icpc also!

yes it is very irritating…

I am getting this message every time I open the ranklist of a contest.

Same here Bro

True, I raised this point in discussion yesterday. This feature makes user experience garbage. Plus, I personally feel its not just “annoyance” to the users, because the time spent in solving captchas should had been ideally used to solve questions and/or submit.


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