How can I be good at X-OR problems?

I have always been facing problems in solving X-OR problems. Can anyone please guide me in this regard,so that i can be good at it.Thanks in advance.

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By practicing and checking resources and properties of Xor.


Is there any good resources and problem list brother?


This should help—> All about XOR :+1:


Don’t have any list of problems. You can google for resources.

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Thanks for the valuable tips :slight_smile:

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Please Provide some good Practicing content regarding X-OR

This is one of my favourite problem tags.
Most important property of XOR a \oplus b \oplus a = b.
What I love most is \oplus acts as both addition and subtraction.

Few starting problems I recommend -
Basic Div2 A,B questions using a \oplus b \oplus a = b.
Greedy with(out) the use of trie.
[Rare] Xor based Gauss elimination and some basis related questions.

For Div2 A,B use can search codeforces. I don’t remember any question. But there are many nice problems. Definitely recommended for beginners.

Then two of my favourite problems -
You can find relatively easier problems then these in recent contests.


Thank you brother for your help.

Feel lucky someone posted it yesterday.
Just see references.
Imo always google before asking anything. Asking on discuss will be answered by people who are active rn. There are a lot of blogs over there.