How can i improve my rating

I am new on CodeChef I have been solving beginner problems I have done most of them, I am getting points(100) for a few of them. but I don’t know where those points are and even I have not to get one star.
I want to give a DSA(Advanced) test on CodeChef on May 24th it is approaching for that I need to have a 3 Star rating how can I improve it.
please tell me as soon as possible.

You need to participate in the Code Chef contests that are rated (Lunch Time, Cook-Off and Long Challenge). Along with them there are other externally rated contests as well. As of now, there is no contest going on which is rated. March Cook - Off will be there next on 22nd March from 9:30 P.M. - 12:00 midnight. You can participate in it to improve your rating.


Couple of sheets are lying on Google. One is the A2oj ladder and other is a junior training sheet v7.0
You can use those as a basis to begin.

If you are from India and can have your hands on a SPOJ list from BIT Mesra that’s good too.

CP Algorithms lists down relevant algorithms and their examples which are necessary for CP.

Don’t think much about rating as it takes time for progress to reflect depending on person to person… (long challenges allow plenty easy move ups even for novices)

Practice is key.

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bro can u tell me how can I and how long it will take to get 3 stars.

It depends on your performance, you’ll have to start from division 2. As far as I have seen, solving 3-4 (In Cook - Off) problems will get you to a 3 - star.


bro, should i nedd to have a team for it.

Nope, you can’t have a team for it. And remember, don’t try to cheat during the contest otherwise you might get stuck in Plagiarism.


bro where can i know abouts divisions bro

Just see here -
Till you don’t become a 4-star, you’re in Div. 2, when you’ll become a 4-star or more, you’ll get into Div.1 There are some problems different in Div.1 and Div.2 and Div.1 is tougher than Div.2, well that’s the difference !
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Thanks for providing so many helpful answers :slight_smile:


when i am going to register it is asking rating >1800 like that which division i have to choose right now division 1 or 2

You don’t have to choose, and there’s no registration for the contest. When the contest will start, the problems will be visible to you in the Dashboard. Also, you can view the problems in both the div.'s. (Try clicking on any of them, you’ll get information about how the contests work)

thank you brother

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