How can i improve myself in logical thinking?

Hello everyone,

I am doing competitive programming since january 2021
I have solved different problems ,learning new concepts and tried my best with each of the problem but i am not finding any improvement in my logical thinking .
Help me out so that i can able to exceed my limits.How can i improve myself

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Just solve more problems and the improvement will come on its own. I used to go straight to the editorial after 5-10 minutes because my initial idea failed when I started, and now since I have much more experience I cant attack problem in many different ways so it has an obvious impact on my success rate and thinking capabilities. So just expose yourself to ideas and problems and make sure to have fun while doing so. If you set a goal of solving a 5 problems per day, you’re not doing it because it’s fun and you’ll more often than not go for the editorial, so that’s not a healthy way to think about it, just solve problems for the sake of improvement if you want to improve. :slight_smile:


Hey! I think you should try to give more contest because giving contest is more fun and I think the real learning happens in contests trust me :smiley: .
Just keep on giving contests and try to upsolve just 1 or 2 questions above your level and soon you will find your rating going up. but as @nichke mentioned it is very important that you enjoy the process.Don’t do things for the sake of doing but rather try to enjoy the process . you will eventually see significant improvements!!

  • after solving problem or seeing edutorial try to think why my solution/The Edutorial is working , why something else is not working.
    and make some friend and disscuess these kind of things.

This motivates me. Much respect for you :relaxed:

I will try o upsolve 1 or 2 questions above my level . Thank you :relaxed:

Okay. Thank you :blush: