How can I present a problem in CodeChef?

I made some interesting programming problem by myself. Now I want to present this problem in CodeChef so everyone can try to solve it. Can I do that? Please can anyone tell me how can i submit a problem in CodeChef?
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See e.g.

Note that:

though I don’t know how strict Codechef are about this.


There’s also a ton of useful information courtesy of @vijju123 in this thread.


So I have to become 4* in CodeChef? ok then, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, that’s what the page says, at least. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen some (non-external) submissions from people with less than 4*, though I can’t recall any specific ones at the moment, so I might be misremembering :slight_smile:


okay. so a random person can’t submit any problem here. Is there a group of problem setters in CodeChef or any random person who is 4* and above, can submit a problem?

Yes - though of course, it won’t necessarily be accepted :slight_smile:


ok thanks for clarifying this.

It is not very strict afaik. If your problem is good enough they might consider accepting it.
No harm in filling the form.


There are a few reasons for having that Div1 restriction:

  • People in Div2 should ideally focus more on problem solving.
  • The intended solutions are more likely to be wrong for a lower star coder.
  • A 2 star coder proposing a Super-Hard problem - while not impossible, is rare. We have seen instances where the said setter just plagiarized the problem (even from Codechef itself!) and proposed it.

That being said, I personally do not feel any of our contest admin’s are someone to reject a good problem because of anyone’s rating.



Yes, that was the exact case in my mind.

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@l_returns so if anyone confident enough that his problem is good but he is only 2* can submit the problem?

Google form for submitting problems opens only if you’re 4 star ?
Or is there anything which will restrict you to submit problem if you’re 2 star ?
If not then you can obviously submit. But don’t just increase load on admin by submitting existing or classical problems.

After all every admin has his own impression about setters. If someone is submitting good problems everytime then admin will tend to look at his problems ASAP. Because he is confident that problem submitted by xyz user will most likely be worth it. So make your own impression :stuck_out_tongue:
I am not part of this process but I am sure there should be something like this.