How challenge problems are scored in practice submissions?

I was trying to practice the INTERLEA problem after the contest. And my submission shows 0 points. Can anyone clearify the reason ?

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as you said after the contest chef wont give you points if the contest is finished. after the contest problems will moved to practice section

There is a best submission for that challenge problem. You get a score relative to that. A score of 0 means that your solution is faring poorly against the best solution (submitted by some other contestant) and the points are getting rounded off to 0.

I understand how it’s done during contest. What I want to confirm is, does the same principle applies during practice session? if yes, what is the best solution during practice session?
If you look at the solution I mention in the initial question, Not only points are zero, but the score is also zero. What does that supposed to mean? (during contest, however poor our solution may be, we always get a score with 0 points.)

At least the score should be shown, right? How can I judge my solution with 0 score and 0 points? What’s the point of practice in that?