How did Codechef rate me?

Just see my rating it only increase +6. I just want to say just how did that even happen when I gave my long challenge I thought that it is a lot better from my last long challenge hence I guess I will surely become 3 star but now I see why ppl hate cheaters.


anger towards all the cheaters and codechef for not being able to hunt them down.

what are you,? like 16?


You have solved only 4 questions that were very easy questions. I don’t think anybody will need to cheat on these questions having 10 days in hand. Think before posting. For a better increase in rating, you need to solve at least two harder problems. Having 10 days in hand you should try to solve at least 8 problems of div 3.


Keep trying mate. Sooner or later you will even reach 7 stars if you try hard enough. Don’t let this demotivate you. Keep practicing and you will be able to solve more and more questions in contests


Ok thank you.

Thanks to you a lot will surely train more.

Why tho?

Ya, the rank is good enough to get a better plus rating point but the problem is that there are quite a lot of people same rank as yours that’s why the increment was less.


Thanks bro.