How do I become a Moderator?

What is the general selection process of Codechef to select moderators for the discuss community? Is there any way we could apply?
Are there any other provisions for eager members of this forum to contribute positively towards Codechef? (I’m not speaking about becoming a problem setter/editorialist etc)
Is there any post or responsibility below moderator?
Flags are particularly useful, but an increase in moderators can really help speeden up reviewing these flags.
@vijju123 Any thoughts about this?

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Yes, a few mods here and there will surely be helpful for me as well to review flags. I won’t say that current process of flag reviewing is slow- afaik all get resolved in a few hours - neither will I say that there will be a drastic improvement in reviewing of flags (it is pretty random. Eg- if all mods have a common downtime). But it surely helps in keeping the forum structured.

For now, I have kept the process on hold for observation reasons. I need to estimate how many mods we might need and which people fit that role the best (there are certain hidden criterias for evaluating that). All in all what I can answer is that this will happen in near future - but not immediately as I need time.


Thanks for the reply. Know that I will always be ready to help and make this a better forum!

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