How do I correct my past wrong submissions?

I am aware that code chef is a reputed platform and your account here (the star ratings and such) can express your experience in programming knowledge.
As a beginner, I did send my profile to many college clubs.
Now, to polish up the profile, I would like to correct the programs that I earlier had gotten as ‘WA’.
At the bottom of the profile you have an option to see the ‘Full Solved’ and ‘Partially Correct’ programs, below the graph, but you don’t get a list of all the wrong answers. Is there any way to get such?

Side query: If I correct the previously incorrect solution, does it change in my profile’s graph as well?

It will not change the profile graph .It will only change with your ratings that you get by solving problems during contest :grinning: :grinning:

I still would like to solve them, how can I get the list of only incorrect questions?

You can make an id on and enter your codechef id in your profile. After updating your details, you can see the list of unsolved problems that you attempted at the bottom of profile page. You have to retrieve you submissions regularly to update your progress and it takes about 5 minutes.
It will look like this -


This worked and unfortunately CodeChef’s profile graph doesn’t update if I correct my incorrect answers.
But the problem now is, the number of questions mismatch. On StopStalk I have about 70 incorrect and 200 incorrect questions. On CodeChef, its 172 incorrect and 195 correct?

As someone has already mentioned, your profile graph depends on your contest performance and not on number of problems solved, so it’s going to remain same unless you give another contest.
Regarding stats varying on stopstalk and codechef, I don’t have any idea.

On CodeChef, its 172 incorrect and 195 correct.

According to your profile, you have solved 136 AC and 15 partially correct, unsolved (but attempted) problems data is not shown so I don’t know from where you are getting these numbers.