How do I delete a CodeChef account?

I have unknowingly created multiple accounts on CodeChef, but since it is against the Code of Conduct, I wish to delete all accounts except one. How do I do that?


You can delete your CodeChef accounts permanently. However, if you do so, your entire data related to the account will be erased forever. Kindly be sure before doing so, as the process cannot be reversed.

Please follow the below steps to permanently delete your account:

Step 1: Login to CodeChef account.

Step 2: Go to Edit Profile section.

Step 3: Click on Privacy tab in the left bar.

Step 4: Kindly take a look at the Privacy policy before proceeding.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom and click “I don’t want to continue with CodeChef”.

Thereafter, you can follow the instructions on the screen. Please remember that account deletion is not reversible and you will not be able to recover your data once your account has been deleted.


I don’t know which are/is the other account linked with my email address. Is it possible to get that information before taking any action?


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